Practice Areas

Clinical and Professional

Legal Frameworks
  • Medical/Professional Staff By-laws; Rules and Regulations; Policies and Procedures;
  • Quality Improvement, Quality of Care and Patient Safety frameworks, including enabling policies and procedures;
  • Optimizing use of the Quality of Care Information Protection Act;
  • Developing, reviewing and advising on clinical service agreements.


Management and Administration of Professional Staff
  • Credentialing and Privileging policies, procedures, and issues;
  • Triggers and models for managing professional practice and clinical case reviews;
  • Engagements and appointments of physicians and other regulated health professionals;
  • Governance and management of physician and inter-disciplinary group practices, including practice plans and Family Health Teams;
  • Institutional and inter-institutional arrangements for provision of clinical services.


Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution
  • Advising on management of organizational responses to allegations of disruptive behaviours, workplace discrimination and/or harassment, misconduct, breaches of organizational policies re: conduct, conflict of interest;
  • Compliance and alignment issues, responses, strategies and options respecting physician behaviour/conduct and practice plans;
  • Independent and confidential reviews, investigations and mediations.


Commercial Law

  • Reviewing and advising on all types of commercial, consulting, and clinical service agreements;
  • Advising on procurement policies and procedures, compliance with and application of Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, including Procurement, Expenses, and Perquisites Directives;
  • Copyright and trade mark registrations, licensing and assignments;
  • Independent Fairness Advisor with respect to procurement practices, policies and procedures.


Corporate Law

  • Drafting, reviewing and advising on corporate by-laws for hospitals, not-for-profit and charitable organizations;
  • Governance of not-for-profits, including supporting policies such as Board policies relating to Conflict of Interest; Signing Authorities; Codes of Conduct;
  • Alignment with new Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act;
  • Catholic Healthcare and Catholic sponsorship of healthcare institutions.


Employment Law

  • Employment and independent contractor agreements for executives, physician leaders, regulated health professionals;
  • Developing and managing policies and procedures regarding conflicts of interest, workplace discrimination and harassment, codes of conduct; responding to breaches of institutional policies and employee codes of conduct;
  • Conducting independent and confidential reviews, investigations and mediations in the workplace.


Health Law

Advising administrators, clinical practitioners, and other health professionals on a vast range of health care issues, policies, and procedures, including consent, capacity, substitute decision-making, Consent and Capacity Board, alternate level of care placements and discharges; College investigations and Coroner inquests; scope of practice issues.


Privacy Laws, Information Sharing and Records Management

  • Advising on application and interpretation of the Personal Health Information Protection Act, the Quality of Care Information Protection Act, and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act;
  • Advising on and developing records management and retention policies and procedures;
  • Information and data-sharing agreements.

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