Service Delivery

In providing my services, I offer

  • A full range of legal services, ranging from dealing with standalone issues to a full retainer;
  • Personal relationship and attention. You deal directly and only with me; your work is not delegated;
  • Practical, relevant and responsive advice derived from front-line expertise and experience;
  • Value and cost-effectiveness;
  • Cost that compares favourably to firms with much higher overhead costs;
  • Flexibility in billing methods that better align my client’s interest with mine.

Specialized Services

From my work as General Counsel, I know that the most effective and practical legal advice is provided only by knowing and understanding the unique culture, structures and business of an organization.

With this in mind, I offer outsourced General Counsel services that can include your preferred mix of direct legal support, offsite work, onsite visits, in-house presentations, training and educational seminars, legal audits, as well as gap and alignment analyses of your organization’s structures, policies and procedures.

I have also developed “Top Ten Legal Strategies” designed to tackle a variety of thorny issues in your choice of the Clinical and Quality of Care context or the Corporate and Commercial context.

These strategies, combining advance groundwork, onsite and offsite activities, handouts, presentations and meetings with key staff members, offer specialized, practical and integrated legal advice to help your organization tackle and overcome real challenges in your choice of preferred context.

Please contact me about these services that can be readily tailored to be cost-effective and best match your organization’s needs, circumstances and budget.

Presentations and Seminars

I would be pleased to present or provide training and education on a range of topics to different audiences, including boards of directors, senior managers and senior management committees, Medical Advisory Committees, clinical departments, etc.

I have delivered presentations and led seminars on a variety of issues including:

  • Ensuring Accountability in Procurement Practices
  • Directors’ Duties and Responsibilities for Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Pandemic Preparedness
  • Clinical Trials
  • Efficiency and Accountability in Healthcare
  • Volunteers and the Law
  • Police Investigations
  • Law Enforcement and the Personal Health Information Protection Act
  • Nuts and Bolts of Contracts.